All but a Placeholder

It was an exciting week for me. I experimented with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and shot out a short story for the Kindle, entitled The Truth of the Matter. I’ll be honest; while it’s a work of which I am proud, I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that really sells or garners that much attention. It was an exercise in style imitation – part Arthur Conan Doyle and part Edgar Allan Poe. The result seems to have combined all the density of both authors, with only a portion of the elegance of each. Anyway, I liked it, and the hundred-and-fifty-some-odd people who snagged it for free possibly liked it, and my one five-star review thus far seemed to like it. And now I know how KDP works. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, that was about it on the writing front. I’ve let The Siren stagnate for a while, working instead on a second volume of the Lost Knowledge series. Written as it is from the perspective of a stiff, academic, chauvinistic Victorian, I’m afraid it might mimic The Truth of the Matter in density. I’ve been trying to tone it down some.

Now that I know my way around KDP, though, I’ve been thinking about introducing Lost Knowledge to the public via a series of short stories that will introduce the characters while I continue my traditional publishing quest for the novels themselves. The problem is the sheer quantity of characters. Holy beans.

Also, I bought skinny jeans and textbooks and pens of many colours and I am happy – except for the fact that my sinuses are blossoming into a problem, as they do every year about this time.

Signing off for now with nothing all that interesting to say.


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