Word count progress

I’m not sure how useful this is, since a progress monitor sort of needs a goal, and I haven’t got any word count goals. I mean, it’s finished when it’s finished, and forcing extra words in just screws up the story. Likewise, scratching words to get to a set number makes things choppy. I figure it needs as many words as it needs. But I, being myself, do so like lists.

The Siren: 27,000 words in, estimate 1/2 way through.

The Lions’ Den: 8,000 words in, no idea how long this thing will end up.

The Sparrow’s Fall~20,000 words of material all over the place.

Cassandra: ~3,000 words in

Swordmaiden of the Moor: 6,000 words in, undergoing re-outline

The Vigil: 7,000 words in, undergoing re-outline

You know, it almost looks like I have way too much stuff going on in my head. Of course, I’m really only working on a couple of them at once, and the rest sit on the back burner unless I undergo a sudden flash of brilliance and absolutely have to work on things. It works for me.

The plan was to get to 30k on The Siren over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. There were birthdays, and there was family, and then there were raccoons, and everything suddenly became very awkward. I’m just not even going there, right now. I suppose I should get working on that 30k instead of rambling here. Bummer.


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