The Wailing – Coming Halloween

Cover art by Filip Radulescu

With Nazi bombs falling from the sky and fires consuming London, reluctant immortal Daniel Leland finds himself in an uncomfortable position. As a halfhearted employee of the British government, blackmailed into submission, he is forced to use his peculiar talent for murder in the service of the Crown. But as the assignments become impossibly challenging, the limits of that talent are tested. The Luftwaffe is not the most explosive thing to menace Great Britain, and even dead things can die again. There is more at stake than the questionable life of a lone agent, more at stake than Daniel Leland would care to admit.

The Wailing – A Book of Lost Knowledge
Available 31 October


16 thoughts on “The Wailing – Coming Halloween

  1. Hrrgh. Can’t reply to your last post so I have to write a new comment.

    The Kindle is handy, but there’s nothing quite like handling a real paper book. Half the joy of reading is holding the (for me often brick-sized) book in your hands and turning the pages.

    • Yeah, I noticed that the reply button disappears after a few levels… Lame. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to fix that.
      Oh, I’m never going to give up books. I love the feel and I love the smell and looking at the rows of spines on a shelf and the ability to photocopy. Kindle can’t replace them. It’s just a good supplement for long trips and small bags.

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