Slavic fantasy, please!

Don’t get me wrong; I love folklore in all forms, and I’ve put a lot of time and effort into researching the Western fairy, selkie, will o’ the wisp, hooded spirit, versipellis, jotunn, etc. But I feel like Celtic mythology (encompassing the English, Irish, and Scottish traditions) has largely dominated fantasy literature, with brief overtures from the Norse countries, and I can’t see any clear reason why. It’s interesting, of course, but I wouldn’t say that it’s MORE interesting than any other folkloric system.

Some of you in the know may be aware that The Cold and The Mora in the Mists, books three and five of the Books of Lost Knowledge, will be taking place primarily in (what is now) Poland, with forays into modernized segments of the Arthur legend. The Cold is all about vampires, and The Mora in the Mists is about a mora who narrowly avoided becoming a rusalka.

The thing is, I wanted to see how other authors have addressed the setting and the mythology, how the creatures have been presented and altered for modern audiences, and I have absolutely no idea where to look. Amazon is no help at all. So please, if you have come across any work of fantasy that takes even a part of its mythos from the Slavic world, give me a link.

Texts and ethnologies are helpful as well. You can never have too much research. 🙂


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