The spiders gear up for Halloween.

Okay. Okay, seriously. I walk into the bathroom for my morning ablutions, look up, and find this:


Can you see it? Can you see the candy-floss thin strands of cobweb? I swear they did this overnight. The most amazing part is that these cobwebs stretched from the light fixture to the plant on the counter to the door to the other door to the wall behind me. It was as though they were constructing spider highways across the whole of the bathroom.

I was seriously tempted to leave it there through the rest of the month and up to Halloween. You know, encourage them to expand their efforts through the rest of the house. I mean, nothing looks more like cobwebs than cobwebs.

But in the end, I decided it was a bit too unsanitary and Swiffered them down. Sad, but necessary.

I just felt the need to share.



4 thoughts on “The spiders gear up for Halloween.

  1. Haha ahh I’m scared of spiders. Seriously, they have waaay too many legs and eyes. But leaving the cobwebs up, that’s something I’d have seriously considered, too. At least until the spiders came back…

    • Heh, I’m not ALWAYS comfortable around spiders, but I found one of these little guys on the bathroom counter, and I had to use a magnifying glass to count his too many legs, so I figure he’s on the level. It sort of amazed me that something so tiny could build something so big.

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