Beach Day in Photos

Yesterday was a beach day. I had things to do, and they had to be done by Monday (and they still have to be done by Monday), but every now and again, you just have to go to the beach. Salt air and a strong breeze can blow away all kinds of stress. At the beach, no one finds you sitting perfectly still, staring into nothing, and feels the need to interrupt.

This guy greeted us:

I believe that he is a great blue heron. He lives around there, and after deciding that we weren’t going to eat him, he came over to see whether we might feed him instead. He pooped on a few things and the left.

It was an amazing day. I’ve rarely seen the water so blue on a Texas beach:

And then it rained.

I should point out that this is not a bad thing. Rain at the beach keeps it from becoming ungodly hot in the afternoon, keeps the sand from becoming so soft your car gets stuck in it, and washes away the salt that collects on everything and makes it all sticky. Beach rain is one of my favourite kinds of rain, and rainy days are some of my favourite beach days.

And it rained.

And then it stopped raining, and the sun came out, and the beach was clean.

And the heron came back.

And the Island was clean.

And then it was night.

And the beach was clean, and the Island was clean, and I was clean. Beach days are a restorative of the soul.










4 thoughts on “Beach Day in Photos

    • It’s a great feeling.
      I don’t know if I could live there, though. There’s a raccoon problem, and the humidity wreaks havoc with anything metal. Maybe a different beach with real houses.

  1. I miss any coastal beach! Although, around here the lakes are not too bad. Definitely lets you unwind, feel things better and absorbing the sights, smells and warmth of the sun sinking into the bones, ooh. Good. Rain is fine, too, great pics!

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