Getting sidetracked…

I hate when you’re between projects, and you know what you’re supposed to be doing next, but there’s another idea that just seems so much better and more fun.

The Wailing will be coming out Halloween. It’s the first of my Books of Lost Knowledge  series. That is to say, it’s the first one out; they’re not in chronological order, and it’s not necessary to read them in any particular order. My plan is to release In the Shadow of the Mountains around Christmas or early next year, which will make it the second Book of Lost Knowledge. It’s already complete and just needs to be tweaked in terms of formatting.

Now, as I’m formatting Shadow, I was supposed to be finishing up The Lions’ Den, which features one of the same characters from both Wailing  and Shadow. I wanted people to really get to know Daniel (the character) before I started building up characters who are only tangentially related to him. The thing about Lost Knowledge is that the stories are a series pretty much only by virtue of taking place in the same ‘verse. As I said, they’re not chronological. Some of the main characters have met each other briefly – the main protagonists from Lions’ Den, The Sparrow’s Fall, and The Third Day all come together in Shadow, though two of them are presented only superficially, and one is thoroughly misrepresented. (Lol, spoilers.)

The problem is Kim.

Kim shows up in The Sparrow’s Fall, but like all of my secondary characters, she is starting to take on quite a life of her own. She’s also starting to haunt my dreams and demand that I give her at least one book of her own. I don’t really mind that, since there is a stark dearth in my writing of strong female protagonists, not so much as a result of sexism as, well… I’ve never found it easy to relate to my fellow females.

I can relate to Kim. She’s a Texan, a native San Antonian (as seems to be increasingly more common with my characters as I really get involved in Texan culture and the fantastic Hispanic strains that can be incorporated into urban fantasy. I mean, curanderismo is pretty awesome, and it’s got amazing visual aspects that can be brought into a system of fictional magic.) and a wizardlet. She’s also got her own badass posse of an immortal gunslinger and a fake Apache shaman. She keeps reminding me that she had a buttload of adventures and fun and angst before she ever passed through Austin, which is where Sparrow’s Fall finds her.

And now poor Daniel has been shoved aside, and I’m doodling Kim in the margins of notebooks, in all her punky ’90s glory.

Guess I’ll have to add another subcategory for wizards in my Lost Knowledge series.

How do professionals stay on track? This is really annoying.


11 thoughts on “Getting sidetracked…

  1. I love this post and I love Kim! She’s a strong, determined character and probably needs a book of her own. You can always put her in as a side character and do spin-off just about her 🙂

  2. Sounds to me like Kim is way too awesome to stay a side character and deserves a book all her own, even if she has to wait ’til Daniel’s done 😛 The quick sketch you have of her here has me fascinated.

    (San Antonio sounds awesome, by the by. It’s on my list of Places to Visit Someday – my family lived there til I was three (so I have no memory of the place) and whenever it comes up I hear such awesome things about the food, the warm personalities, the Hispanic culture.)

    • I do hope she’s at least as awesome as she’s trying to convince me she is. xD
      San Antonio is pretty awesome. I was born there and have family there, so I have spent a lot of summers and weekends soaking up the culture. The food is pretty unique. Tex-Mex is a considerably different category from authentic Mexican food, and San Antonio has its own special variety. There’s nothing like hot barbacoa on a fresh corn tortilla. You should definitely visit. Skip the Riverwalk, but definitely do the Alamo and visit Mi Tierra and the Witte Museum.

  3. Kim sounds awesome! And I know the problem. I must have, what, twenty unfinished and more than twenty never-written fanfictions on hold… Poor, poor OC’s.

    • xD I hear ya. It’s a terrible habit to get into, isn’t it? I’ve got binders full of outlines, snippets, character sketches, profiles, and scraps, all fallen victim to my literary ADD. I suppose that’s what WriMo is for.

  4. Side characters can really muscle their way into the work, and we’re left going, ‘Hey, wait a minute…’

    What an intriguing series you’ve got coming; I’m at the end of one, and yes, it’s a lot of work, but such a good feeling to release them. I am really interested in a series that doesn’t need to be read chronologically!

    • xD I’ve discovered that, yes. I started out with one main character, Daniel, and everyone else who has popped up in this series started out as a secondary. One of them actually never had an appearance at all, except in backstory that was never supposed to see the light of day. They were all very insistent, though.
      Being done does feel good, though, doesn’t it?

  5. This is why I had to force myself to wait until NaNoWriMo to write about Christian the mercenary. Technically speaking I should be revising Fate of the Seer and finishing the first draft of book five (The Immortal Seer), but my muse needed a tangent. I keep justifying it to myself by saying Christian /is/ related to Peter’s world. My readers just won’t find out how until much later. *sheepish*

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