It’s Halloween, and The Wailing is here.

It’s up on Amazon and Smashwords, and my life is happy. In my head, Daniel is not so happy, but I’ve told him to shut up. He’s not a very social person, and I’m not sure how well he’ll tolerate having people actually reading his bitter reminisces and the catalogue of all his various misdeeds. He’ll just have to put up with it, though, because I’m nowhere near done with him yet.

(It’ll be out on Barnes & Noble soon, but I’ve been having technical difficulties. The print version should be out in a couple of days.)

I celebrated with gingerbread Daleks, provided by the wee sister, who is awesome and much better at cooking than I. You can see the Dalek, Doctor (with fez, bow tie, and sonic), wee Amelia Pond, K-9, and TARDIS. The creepy, faceless three floating up above them… We’ll just say those are Autons. We are a wonderful, lovely, nerdy family.

Happy Halloween!


EDIT: Now in paperback from Createspace!


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