I’ve decided I have a disproportionate love for Goodreads.


Andandandand you can ORGANIZE THEM. And keep track of the ones you want to read! And which ones you own! And rate them and review them and collect them!

This is so much better than the spiral notebook I was keeping.

(And I know that I’m totally late with this discovery, but shhhhhh, I love it anyway.)

My one gripe is the star system. There is no way to differentiate between “This was not a good book” and “I didn’t like this book.” They’re not the same thing, you know. Unfortunately, rating the books based on quality winds me up with recommendations for similar – which I don’t want. Rating the books based on my personal preference I feel unfairly slights some books. We can’t have that, now.

Anyway, I am toodling around on Goodreads and Shelfari. Go ahead and add me.


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