In the Shadow of the Mountains – Working out the last kinks!

So, the current plan is to release In the Shadow of the Mountains around Christmas or New Year’s. It’s actually been complete for quite a long while – since before I even started on The Wailing, in fact. It’s a bit different, after Daniel’s point of view. Actually, it’s a bit different from all the rest of the books planned for the series, which makes me reluctant to put it out so early, but it does introduce several characters who will show up a lot in later volumes. At any rate, anyone who writes about vampires needs at least one “Scooby Gang” style book. Love.

It always bothered me that high school students seem to have such an easy time of monster-hunting. I don’t think it spoils anything to say that Aaron, Chris, Liz, and Mina don’t get out of this ordeal intact. No one who tangles with the Other gets out unscathed, or at least unchanged. Some Lost Knowledge was lost for a reason.


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