In the Shadow of the Mountains – Most Excellent.

Shadow of the Mountains ebookGoodness, so… After eight years in the works, something like five massive rewrites, countless shouted arguments with my computer monitor, endless hours of roleplaying with these characters to get their personalities down straight, and no fewer than three (fortunately unsuccessful) attempts to throw in the towel, In the Shadow of the Mountains is now available on Kindle. I’m experimenting with Amazon’s Select program, so for ninety days or so, it will be available only on Kindle. (At least, as far as ebooks go. It ought to be out in print before Christmas, if nothing goes horribly wrong.)

In the twilight of the year 2003, a stranger arrives in the tiny town of Burns, Colorado. Whispers begin to fly as bodies appear, savagely mutilated, throughout the neighborhood, and the responsibility falls on two monstrously unprepared high school students to uncover the truth before the undead can destroy their hometown.

Chris Doyle is a slacker and a sci-fi geek, barely eking through his senior year of high school; Aaron Margolis is a child prodigy who could have graduated at age twelve if his parents had let him. They have never had anything in common until a woman is murdered and Aaron comes asking for Chris’s help – he is seeing Texans who cannot be real.

Then the high school’s English teacher disappears and is replaced by Daniel Leland, the sharp and reclusive newcomer, a man already convicted by public opinion. He says that he is a hunted man, and Aaron believes him, but Chris is not as sure. Doubts or no, Chris has no choice but to join up with the teacher when his best friend is kidnapped by superhuman forces, but this adventure is nothing like his comic books.

Again, these don’t have to be read in any particular order, but if you feel you must read the first book first, The Wailing is free on Amazon until midnight 5 December. That is, the midnight between 5 December and 6 December.


6 thoughts on “In the Shadow of the Mountains – Most Excellent.

  1. Big congratulations!!! I picked up a copy of The Wailing yesterday, looking forward to digging my teeth into it, heh heh… Thanks for the early Christmas pressie and best of luck with the new novel!!! 🙂

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