Christmas Pierogi

IMG_1830Aren’t they pretty? This is my potato batch, and they’re not cooked, yet. I made about four dozen of these and about four dozen sauerkraut. It was a two-day event, because I am slow at pierogi-making. Anyway, they went over rather well at the end-of-semester, ostensibly-holiday-but-actually-just-food party I made them for. There were even leftovers, which was good, because that was an awful lot of work for one evening of snacking! Fortunately, I had some loving-family help for the potato batch, which is as it should be. Pierogi and tamales are family affairs. We have yet to make this year’s batch of Christmas Tamales, but it’s bound to be soon. It’s the holidays, after all, and the best expressions of human goodwill are Family and Food.


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4 Responses to Christmas Pierogi

  1. diannegray says:

    They look fantastic! 😀 YUM – I’m hungry now…

  2. dia says:

    Fun post–I wrote a very similar post last year at Christmas… I see you give the pierogi the fork edge treatment–that’s what I usually do too. Pierogi is usually a 2-day event for me as well…!

    • MR Graham says:

      Thanks! I always have a fun time making them.
      And actually, the fork treatment is the only way I’ve found for getting them to stay closed! Otherwise, I end up with water full of sauerkraut. xP

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