New Year, New Stuff, New Lost Knowledge Site

Yeah, yeah, it’s not a new year just yet. I know this. I also know that if I wait until New Year’s and turn this stuff into a resolution, it’ll never get done, so I got some of it done early.

Firstly, the blog has a new look and a rather goofy header image that I made myself! I like browns better than blues, anyway, and though I love my mountain photos, they don’t have much to do with anything. The new one is all typewriter-y! It symbolizes… writing. Clever, no?

Secondly, Lost Knowledge has its own site, now. It’s still under construction, but I think it looks pretty decent thus far, and you can find it here. From this point forward, most of my Lost Knowledge stuff will be posted there instead of here. I’ll still cross-post important stuff, of course, but you’ll no longer have to deal with my ramblings. At least, no ramblings on that particular subject.

Also, the Lost Knowledge blog is snowing. I’m not sure I understand this.

Thirdly, Lost Knowledge is on Facebook. I’m so darn organized.

Fourthly, the DeviantART people have spoken, and they agree that while I work on the Third Book of Lost Knowledge, I should also be working on The Vigil, my space-fantasy. (Or rather, not that I should, but rather that I may as well, since I am completely incapable of focusing on one thing at a time.) Therefore, expect an increase in sci-fi ramblings and philosophical speculation on the differences between sci-fi and fantasy. Once I’ve gotten the outline re-done, I’ll be introducing some aliens. Hurrah!

And I’m certain there was a Fifthly, but I can’t remember it right now. Expect an update when it comes to me.


11 thoughts on “New Year, New Stuff, New Lost Knowledge Site

  1. Hurray for updates, resolutions and new websites!

    I used Christmas to (finally) get copies of The Wailing and In the Shadow of the Mountains. They are ALMOST at the top of my endless-reading-list (which is more endless than ever, given Christmas) and I’ll be excited to give an Amazon review when I’ve finished!

    /random dA stalker

    • Hello, random dA stalker! (Which one are you? I shall pester you!) I really hope you enjoy them both, and I absolutely wish you luck with that reading list. Mine also is growing faster than I can whittle it down. Ah, the curse of the reader!

      • I’m ForsakenTerra on dA, but I’m well and truly a stalker at this point – I don’t think I’ve posted anything worthwhile (or even made more than the sporadic comment) for most of a year. I more or less use the account to keep track of interesting writers and old friends. 😀

        I’ve just recently started keeping an actual list, and it’s horrifying! I’m pretty sure I already have enough reading material to last me a lifetime.

      • No worries! I’m good with creepy. I’ll look forward to going through your stuff, anyway. 🙂 Always good to connect with fellow writers.
        My own list was pretty manageable for a while, but then I discovered free Kindle books, and it’s been growing exponentially since then. Help!

      • Well, thanks! If what’s there is enough to interest you (actually, looking at it now, I’m a bit embarrassed by what’s posted there…I have improved a LOT since even the most recent deviation) I have a writing blog that’s linked in my comment ID.

        Hahaha good luck with that.

      • Eh, I’m embarrassed by a lot of what I’ve got up, too, and mine is a lot more recent. xD It’s all good. I think most writers are nervous.
        I discovered your writing blog and have been perusing. >3 Bwaha. I’m on top of things.

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