As Away the Old Year Passes…

2012 was a good year. It’s always a good year when the world doesn’t end.

It was a good year for me, personally, though. I accomplished something that had been eight years in the works – publishing In the Shadow of the Mountains. And surprisingly, no one has yet called me out for being a goofy poser author, despite the undeniable facts that I am goofy and that I do a lot of posing. This is a good thing. I got my teeth into a Masters program, which is also a good thing.

It had its moments, of course – losing a loved one is never the best way to start a new year – but for all it started out low, it did get better. Maybe starting out low pushed me to make it a good year.

This will not be a long post. I’ve never been able to stick with a New Year’s Resolution, so I stopped making those long ago. I do have some goals, but writing them down will turn them into chores, so they’ll stay in my head, for now.

Instead, I’m going to air a habit I picked up from a friend, Lizzie: list all the little things that made me happy on this last day of 2012:

  • I wrote today, after a short dry spell that had almost gotten me worried.
  • My soap has peppermint oil in it, so I smell good and my skin is cool and tingly.
  • Scramble eggs with chopped garlic sauteed in bacon grease. It’s delicious.
  • I finally bought another cheapo bookshelf, which means there is now floor space in my room.
  • I filled an old journal and have started on a new one. I always love new journals.
  • I warmed up the last pierog from the fridge and ate it slowly. I savored it. It was good.
  • It was a cloudy day. It never did rain, but I’m hopeful for tomorrow.

See you next year, everyone.


7 thoughts on “As Away the Old Year Passes…

  1. Happy New Year, fellow author! It’s really sad to hear about your loved one passing away. I hope 2013 goes just as well as the last months of 2012 and that your work will continue to be as successful.

  2. Scramble eggs with chopped garlic sauteed in bacon grease sounds sensational and I’m hungry now 😉

    I’m glad your year got better after such a sad start…I’m so sorry about that…

    Happy New Year and I wish you the very best with your life and your writing in 2013 😀

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