Concentrated awesome

Yep, it’s pretty cool.

I invite everyone to go check out this page and listen to the awesome recording. The words are mine, but that gorgeous, silky voice you hear belongs to the fabulous SilverInkblot, of the Elocutionists group. Their snazzy, snazzy thing is doing these awesome spoken-word renditions of literature. Mine made the cut, which is pretty darn cool. Much love to the Elocutionists.

In other awesomness, I went to a pretty spiffy event on Friday. It took place at J’aime les Livres, a wonderful local used book store that merits my seal of approval. (That is to say, I’m probably going to be hanging around and making a nuisance of myself and driving the poor owner absolutely nuts). If anyone hangs around Deep South Texas at all, do swing by
1219 N. Main Street
McAllen, Texas
and buy some books. There is also pretty sweet jewelry, snacks, and drinks.
If you don’t hang around Deep South Texas, swing by their Facebook page anyway.


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