Going to Aggiecon!

Yes, indeed I am.

It seems that there was some speculation as to whether I am a human being or a phantom of the internet, so to put those questions to rest, I will be appearing in a fleshship person at Aggiecon, March 22-24.

So, some background:
Aggiecon is the largest student-run scifi-fantasy convention in the United States. This year, it will be held March 22-24 at the Hotel Hilton in College Station, Texas. Badges are $35 for full con, $20 for students (if you register before March 1). At-the-door badges are $40, $25 for students, or $15 for a one-day badge.

I’ll be hanging out in the dealer’s room with a big honking banner that says “THE BOOKS OF LOST KNOWLEDGE.” With vampire teeth and stuff. And books, wonderful books! I’ll be selling and signing those books, as well as a few assorted odds and ends tangentially related to the series.

By happy coincidence, I’ll also be hanging out with Noree Cosper, author of the really awesome A Prescription for Delirium. She’ll be selling and signing copies of her book, and I understand she has a few tangentially related odds and ends of her own. I anticipate shenanigans.

So come by, say hello, support my writing addiction and such


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