Spreading the book love.

As good to me as Amazon has been, I’ve decided to let my books’ enrollment in their Select program expire. I won’t be able to offer them for free on Amazon any more, and they won’t appear in Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. However, they are now available to all of my Nookish and Koboid friends, as I’ve set up The Wailing and In the Shadow of the Mountains on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. (I like Smashwords. They offer all ebook formats, and they let me issue coupons! They also distribute my book to multiple retailers, like Diesel, Sony, and the iBookstore. I’ll add links to those as they become available.

So you can now find The Wailing here:

amazon_icon-11 kindle_app_iconb&n-icon Icon-Smashwords-200x200-150x150




And In the Shadow of the Mountains here:
amazon_icon-11kindle_app_icon b&n-iconIcon-Smashwords-200x200-150x150



The updated purchase links can also be found on the books’ landing pages:

The Wailing

In the Shadow of the Mountains


9 thoughts on “Spreading the book love.

    • I can hope so. Enough people have asked me, upset, why I hate Nooks that I think it’s wise to throw them a bone – or a book. At the very least, it may save a friendship or two. 😉

      • 🙂 Well, I have a kobo but I’ve got all the eReader apps. Personally, I love Smashwords, and the range of formats they provide. Much more sensible than being restrictive 😉

        Here’s to universal availability and continued friendships 😀

      • I’ve heard good things about Kobo, and I know they have a great selection of books. I’ve been thinking of getting one so I can read the stuff folks haven’t put on Amazon.

      • I’ve got the mini – it does me fine 😉 I like being able to download ePubs from anywhere and uploading them to the kobo – you DO need Calibre for library maintenance though! The kobo desktop app is rubbish! There are failings with the kobo – but then no eReader is perfect 🙂

  1. It is my understanding that Amazon will price match other sites. So, if you run a special on another venue for free, Amazon should price match the free offer. Just what I’ve heard. I am going to let my Select expire in a few days as well, so this will be a learning experience for me also.

    • I had heard that, too, but I don’t think that counts for coupons. So, if I actually changed the price of the book, they would change theirs as well, but that can get complicated, since Smashwords sends the updated price to all the retailers they supply, and some can take a long time to get changes through their systems. I haven’t actually played with it yet, though.
      We can compare notes. 🙂

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