The Road to AggieCon

Day 1

Today was the first leg of the drive to AggieCon – four and a half hours from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio – because making the whole drive in one day might have caused irreparable damage to my spine.

The plan was to leave the Valley in the wee hours, but because this is my family, there was last-minute packing, organizing, reorganizing, and spazzing to be accomplished before we could set out. We set out, and within minutes, I realized that I had forgotten something. Back at the house, we all realized that we had forgotten things, and spent another fifteen minutes assembling all the forgotten things. The hour was not quite as wee when we departed for real.

The road started off murky and quickly escalated to rain. We drove in drizzle. There were also nilgai in the drizzle – about nine of them. They’re herd animals in Central and Northern India, their natural habitat, but the ones that were transplanted to Texas tend to keep to themselves, so it was very interesting to see so many of them. All the more because they’re impossible to find when you’re actually looking for one. We pulled off and took photographs through the rain, but none of them turned out very well. We also got some strange looks as we swerved into the turnaround lane, shot back south, turned around again, and shot off the side of the road to park in the grass and snap shots through an open window as the rain poured in.

Further north, there were bluebonnets, purple thistles, bachelor’s buttons, and primroses.

Four and a half hours closer, ladies and gentlemen. Until tomorrow!


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