And the reading list was flattened. Help!

I was keeping a reading list for a while (which was subsequently transferred to Goodreads and has been expanding ever since), and it got longer at AggieCon. I grabbed myself copies of Exophobe (D. Kenton Mellott) and the first book in the Morrigan’s Brood series (Christopher and Heather Poinsett Dunbar), and I’ll be scooping up Henry Melton’s work as my pocketbook allows. It is good to find new authors.

Unfortunately, the Masters degree comes first, and it’s term paper season once again. I swear, I’m cranking out more theses than Martin Luther. This semester, it’s education as a function of colonialism, plus a fun statistics portfolio and the importance of history in teaching science. Good stuff, but extremely time-consuming, and as much as I’m looking forward to reading this stuff, it may well have to wait until summer vacation.

So, blog followers (Blollowers?), I am shamelessly plugging other people’s work. If I can’t read it, by golly, someone else should!

Exophobe (D. Kenton Mellott)

Mr Mellott described this one to me as a comedic sci-fi romance adventure, so I’m guessing it has something for pretty much everyone. I was also warned about corny puns, but we all know corny puns are the best kind. Pick it up here for Kindle. It doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, but the reviews it does have are glowing. Give it more.

From Amazon: “Blogger and part-time computer nerd Enoch Maarduk wants to make a million bucks — who doesn’t?
On Friday night — after telling his disappointed friends he was staying home instead of going out partying because he was exhausted from a bad day at work — Enoch comes up with his Great Idea.
Beings that live in the electromagnetic spectrum and can be invoked by high-tech, computer-guided, pentacles. Enoch posts his gazillion dollar fiction idea to his blog, to amuse his friends.
And then is visited the next day by a polyester-jacketed, gun-toting, guy who demands to know where Enoch got his information. Then some hot kung-fu mama shows up and chases that dude out the door.
A hot kung-fu mama from PHANTASM (Preventing Horrors And Nightmares Through Active Spectrum Monitoring), an agency tasked with watching the EM spectrum to make sure no one summons any electromagnetic entities to Earth.
Oh, crap…”

Morrigan’s Brood (Christopher and Heather Poinsett Dunbar)

The Morrigan’s Brood series explores legends of blood-drinkers from across the world, bringing history and myth together in a way I haven’t seen before. As stated, I haven’t read it yet, but I did have the pleasure of hearing an excerpt read aloud by one of the authors, and can strongly recommend the rich, flowing prose. Plus, as an anthropologist, I can’t help but geek out about culturally liminal proto-vampires and their transcontinental exploits. Grab it here.

From Goodreads: “Evil reigns throughout much of the western world in the mid sixth century. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, a group of blood-drinkers called the Lamia begin the search for a long, lost relic that will restore power to the Roman Empire. After traveling much of the known world, the Lamia discover the relic’s location: Ireland. The Lamia invasion forces win a foothold on the Island of Eire and hasten their search for this most important relic.Standing in their way is an outcast Roman general from many ages before, a Briton who would rather tell bawdy jokes than fight, and a young woman who has found her newly acquired lands under siege by a manipulative Lamia seeking vengeance against his oldest foe. They are not alone.The Lamia are not the only blood-drinking line on earth. A race called the Deargh Du, who draw their lineage from the Goddess Morrigan, will rise up and face the challenges of those who would tip the balance.Join the Journey, the first in a series of stories revolving around the Deargh Du through the ages.”

Star Time (Henry Melton)

Leave it to Texans to survive the apocalypse in style. Seriously, there’s not much more I can say about this. Texas needs more love in literature, especially in fantasy and sci-fi, and the fantastic Mr. Melton knows Texas well. Grab it here.

From Goodreads: “It all starts here…The plan always worked for the bloodthirsty Cerik, whose battle-bred claws and muscles made them the uncontested top predator on scores of planets-the radiation pulse from the supernova would turn civilization on the blue-white globe below into chaos within days, making for easy prey. In Texas, in a wooden cabin where she’d hidden from regular humans since birth, telepathic Sharon Dae knew nothing could prevent humanity from becoming another tasty slave race-she’d read it plainly from the thoughts in the sky. A scout ship had crashed in her woods, but these alien Hunters would vaporize thousands just to keep any human prey from the fragments. She sensed a stranger, Abe Whiting nearby, hunting for debris with his computers and gadgets. Painfully, she realized she would have to learn how to lie and betray to get the prize away from him, even if she couldn’t escape the jaws of the Cerik herself. How could she know that this techno wizard would soon brave the collapse of the world, cobbling together fried scraps and pieces in an impossible rescue attempt for her, a strange white-haired trickster of a girl who slipped through his life for only one afternoon?It all starts here, the first installment of a multi-volume, multi-thousand year tale of human destiny from the mind of Henry Melton.”

Go forth and read, my blollower minions!


3 thoughts on “And the reading list was flattened. Help!

  1. Vampires and the Morrigan and Roman mythology? Oh, yes. And I think this may be the first time I’ve ever encountered a writer with my last name. These are going on the list, though goodness knows if I’ll ever actually get to them.

    Any idea if ‘Exophobe’ will be coming out in paperback at some point? I yet remain a die-hard dead-tree reader…

    • Yes, indeed!
      You know, having a miles-long reading list isn’t really a bad problem to have. xD This is why it’s vital that we learn to download our consciousness into immortal robots.

      And ‘Exophobe’ is in paper, somewhere. He was selling them in hardback. I just don’t know if they’re available in dead-tree online.

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