The Medium: A Book of Lost Knowledge (Crosspost)

Crossposted from The Books of Lost Knowledge

the medium temp textureThings are coming along. At this point, I can (conservatively), predict that the next Book of Lost Knowledge will be appearing in print 31 October 2013. I hate sticking to dates, though, and if it’s ready sooner, it will be out sooner.

It also has a title, a subseries title, a provisional cover (although I do sort of like the stark simplicity), and a Goodreads page.

So, without further ado, I present The Medium (Liminality: Book 1).

Lenny was good at teaching physics. He was good at fixing cars, making friends, keeping his head down, and not attracting attention. He was good at being a medium, helping spirits pass beyond the Veil – but as a vampire, he was always a bit of a joke.

All it takes is a drink in a hotel bar, a stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time, to run him afoul of Sebastian Duran, a lunatic who controls other people’s minds better than he can control his own. Torn away from everything he knows, trapped and starved and under constant mental assault, poor Lenny is forced to confront his own potential for monstrosity.

Wizards, cowboys, knights, and friends may not be enough to save his mind from destruction.

Consequently, the page formerly titled The Sparrow’s Fall has been renamed and updated with the blurb and provisional cover. It has also been relocated under the Liminality page, for ease of navigation.

Good grief, I’m getting excited!


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