Statistics class learns you things.

But clearly, not grammar.

So, because it made sense to do so, I ran a full-blown analysis of various social-media data plus book sales to see what was doing me good and what wasn’t.

I tracked my blog views, change in number of Twitter followers, Twitter interactions, and book sales for thirty days, crunched my numbers, and found out some weird stuff.

There was barely any correlation between any of my variables, but while I did have a tiny positive correlation between my Twitter data and my sales, there was a negative correlation between blog views and sales. So, the more people looked at my blog, the less likely I was to sell books that day.

I thought about reconsidering my content, posting more regularly, engaging a broader audience, tagging my posts more carefully, etc. Then I realized this isn’t my fault at all! It’s you crazy people who are viewing my blog! Yes, totally your fault.

Bah. I’m moving to Tumblr!

(But seriously, feedback would be good. I’m always looking to improve, and if anyone happens to have suggestions for interesting posts, improved layout, or missing information, I’m all ears.)


3 thoughts on “Statistics class learns you things.

  1. I love statistics—the most fun you can have with math, outside of understanding the cosmos. But in debate society, the motto was: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    Might I suggest that the people reading your blog already HAVE your books, hence an interest in your blog. Or that it’s a blog-reading day for them, not a book-buying day for them. I have certain days I’m in the mood to buy books—usually days I’m not so tightly tethered to my laptop.

    Don’t bother studying the commerce of your art, it will take care of itself—actors generally don’t read the reviews (or even watch the movie once it’s released). Musicians don’t care who you think they stole from, uh, I mean, who their antecedents are. Readin’ an writin’, that’s all it’s about.

    BTW, care package almost finished. Will head down the sphincter of Oklahoma panhandle to the coccyx of Texas.

    • I’m very much enjoying the class. I had taken statistics before in undergrad, but it was much more theoretical, and no one ever explained what all these numbers were supposed to be used for. The class I’m in now is taught by someone who has a deeply rooted theoretical base, but knows the value of practicality. I actually know how to use this stuff, now. It tends to stick a lot better when there’s a clear reason for learning it.

      The majority of my views come from Twitter or from web searches not directly related to my books. I assume that the ones coming from Facebook are people I know personally, and they probably do have my books. People stumbling across me from the dark nether regions of the World Wide Web probably don’t. Of course, some of them may just not be readers, or my genre isn’t their cup of tea. I’d like to up the engagement anyway. Probably time for a redesign. The monochrome isn’t really working for me anymore. xD

      Also, this anatomizing of the United States is getting a little creepy!

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