Suddenly crafty

I have suddenly and unexpectedly become crafty again. It had been almost a year since I last did anything particularly creative – other than writing, of course. Now, all of a sudden, I’m making things again, and it feels great.

I picked up some double-point needles and am putting together a pair of half-finger gloves in this deliciously soft lavender-ice woolly lace yarn. I grieve, because the rest of my knittery is still in storage, or I wouldn’t have bought another set of double-points.

I also dug up the belt sander and the circular saw and my collection of cheapo woodworking tools, and I’m making stakes. Yep, stakes. The plan is to have a bunch of them to sell at Aggiecon next year, assuming I can grab myself a table. The plan is also to set up an Etsy store and sell vampire-slaying kits. I had several people ask about mine this last Aggiecon, and a few expressed interest in having kits of their own.

My full kit currently includes stakes, bottles of garlic powder sealed with wax, some little crosses and larger crosses (naturally), baggies of salt and rice, and a slayer’s manual I’ve been working on for some years. The manual will probably be up for sale eventually – I started work on it before I had really fleshed out my Lost Knowledge mythology, and I’d rather have one that fits in with that.

More ideas for niftier kits are welcome, of course!


They’re incomplete, at the moment. I’m going to carve up the shaft of the third one, sand them down a bit, stain them dark, and wrap the grips with wax thread.


The one on the left is my current favorite, but it resulted in a bruised palm and a pretty big chunk out of my thumb.


The photo unfortunately doesn’t capture the color of the yarn. That’s a real shame, because it’s truly beautiful!



3 thoughts on “Suddenly crafty

  1. vampire slaying kits are a great idea!! I know some friends of ours made them to go with their book series and they sold very well. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for next Aggiecon! 🙂

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