20 things somebody actually googled (blog challenge!)

Just for fun, in no particular order (except backwards, because it suits me), here are the twenty strangest search terms that have brought someone to my site:

20. Zombie Apocalypse Ideas

Now, I thought this was a little odd, but I did do one silly post about the zombie apocalypse. The really strange thing is that this is the search term that has resulted in the most views. Like, more than any other search term that has ever brought anyone to this blog. There were a number of variations on this, such as “Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming,” “Good Zombie Apocalypse” (what?), “Christmas Zombie Aplocalips” (no kidding…), “Apokylypz” (no…), and “zombee pocky lips” (don’t want to know).

19. Velvetbrownfox

I’ve gotten four views on four different dates from this search term. I have no idea what this refers to. I’m assuming it must be a thing, right?

18. подсолнухи картинки

Are search engines alphabet-specific? Google Translate tells me that this person wanted pictures of sunflowers, and I did indeed post pictures of sunflowers once, but I did not label them in Cyrillic.

17. the man sitting the feel of loneliness images

Really not sure.

16. peeing on bushes and weeds

Still not really sure.

15. dalek no trespassing

Swiper, no swiping!

14. grass fight texas

Everything in Texas is extremely aggressive. You should see those dandelions.

13. big spiders and a big cobweb

Halloween, I’m guessing?

12. texas Revolting

I’m tempted to run this through Google Image Search.

11. cranky political judges

I’m guessing ‘cranky’ was what brought them here. I don’t recall ever having mentioned politics or judges. Still, the mental image is nice.

10. is there a word that means “to suck the life out of everything”?

If there is, it’s probably German.

9. fart jelly gelly beans

Either a misinformed Harry Potter reference, or… No, I can’t think of anything else.

8. vampire poland homes

Best real estate service ever.

7. Comments made by blue bell ice cream drivers

Are they known for their pithy wit?

6. Boat or mountains?

I have no idea.

5. Morrigan puns

Ancient and complicated triple-goddesses lend themselves to quaint humor.

4. How to get children to internalize values

Smells like social engineering.

3. trippy sunflowers


2. Mexican dragons

Is that a thing? I know most cultures have some dragon-like creature in their mythology, but I’ve lived within driving distance of Mexico all my life and have never heard of a Mexican dragon.

1. i don’t words

It’s okay. Neither do I.


Your turn, bloggers. I challenge you to go through your search terms and list off all the weird ones!


4 thoughts on “20 things somebody actually googled (blog challenge!)

  1. It’s scary that these people are out there. My blog, which features wild game recipes, had a couple of interesting search terms. Britney Spears muscle? And “my wife is a camp whore”. Pay for a therapist.

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