So, tell me how this sounds…

There is a mystery in Pleasantville! Jason Morgan, the milkman, has disappeared and left all the milk on the side of the road. Why would Jason leave in such a hurry? Ten-year-olds Matthew Baker and Crystal Hill are on the case, but more people are going missing, and Matthew and Crystal both have their own strange secrets. Can they work together to find Jason and the others in time, or are their friends gone for good?

That’s right, I’m polishing up a short children’s mystery my grandmother and I wrote when I was ten. (More accurately, Gran wrote it, and I contributed several of the characters and some of the plot’s bones. To be perfectly honest, it may or may not be based on a play-pretend game I forced her into as a very small child. I was Crystal. Gran was Crystal’s bluestocking Aunt Amanda. The chair in the corner was Matthew.)

The book is called The Milk Wagon Mystery, and I hope it will end up being Volume 1 of a Pleasantville Detectives series. I’m meaning to have it out quite soon, since it was written years ago and all I really had to do was retype it.

Anyway, I’d like some feedback on the blurb above. Does it sound children’s-mystery-ish?


12 thoughts on “So, tell me how this sounds…

    • Neither am I, really. There don’t seem to be all that many for children. My first was Rollo and Tweedy and the Ghost of Dougal Castle. Brilliant book! The characters are mice. It’s fantastic.

  1. It will definitely grab a child’s attention! I loved mysteries as a child, and I still do. I would buy it for my prospective class library.

    • Thanks, Delma! I’ve always been a huge mystery fan, too.
      This one is probably going to start out in digital formats only, and I’ll put several stories together to print once there are more of them.

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