The change of seasons

Autumn is approaching, which in local code means that the high for today is 93° instead of 112°. The lows remain fairly constant, and it’s not likely that they’ll dip below 70° until late October, at the earliest, but rain is imminent, which brings both the promise of cloud cover and the threat of soupy humidity.

Of course this means that, once more, I will be defiantly donning my oversized sweaters, my wool blazers, my turtlenecks, my fuzzy socks, and my felt hats, and I shall swelter miserably but look appropriately autumnal. I am definitely a fall/winter person. Heat shall not conquer me!


2 thoughts on “The change of seasons

    • We used to have snow when I lived in Amarillo. I really miss it. I don’t know that I’d like to have it from October to March, or anything, but a few inches every so often would be nice.

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