Coven and Coffin Blog Hop!

This Halloween, I’ll be celebrating all things spooky and autumnal with a collection of fabulous authory folks via a blog hop to be held from 27 October to 1 November.

We’ll be playing with a murder mystery, recipes, ghost stories, a character costume party, and assorted other brilliant things.

There will also be  an enormous rafflecopter giveaway, so keep an eye out!

Obviously, we’re still in the process of getting our act together, but it’s going to be a fabulously fun time.

In the mean time, though, there’s no reason not to go check out my spooky buddies at their websites:

Noree Cosper, Author of A Prescription for Delirium

Peter Dawes, Author of the Vampire Flynn Series

Jessica Fortunato, Author of The Sin Collector Trilogy

Kayla Curry, Author of The Mystic Stones Series

Kayleigh Grian, Author of Sapphire and Sage

Be sure to watch Facebook and stay updated on Twitter with #CovenandCoffin


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