Coven and Coffin Blog Hop – Dia de los Muertos – Jess Fortunato remembers

Remembering the ones we’ve lost

by Jess Fortunato

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.”

~ Erma Bombeck

Halloween always makes me think of my Grandma.  Probably because she always went trick-or-treats with us when we were little, and sat and marveled at our stupid triangle-eyed pumpkins. Or maybe because when you are 6 and have planned your witches costume for a month and your mom tells you that it is snowing and it’s too cold to go out, Grandma is the one who stuffs you and your puffy pink coat into your dress and takes you out anyway. All the while telling you that you are the most beautiful witch she has ever seen.

Batman, Scooby-doo, vampires, cats, and witches as far as the eye can see will be at my door tonight.

And I hope that all of them can go home and stuff themselves with candy that mom said they couldn’t have, but Grandma says they can, because after all, Grandmas have veto power.

And I hope they can do this for years and years and years to come.

As you grow older you realize candy, love, autumn breezes, the perfect pile of leaves, family dinners, and flowers weren’t in short supply. You realize neither was time. We had all the time in the world to do with it whatever we wanted, to say whatever we wanted, BE whomever we wanted. But we let it go assuming life would always give us more chances to truly live. It’s the gift of the young to believe there is enough time, it is the curse of the experienced to know….there isn’t.

Tonight, I’m having dinner with my family. There will be more food than we could ever eat, and more laughter than should be legal. I will be handing out candy.  This year in a new witches costume, but not nearly as wonderful as the one I used to have. We will eat, and drink, and remember every single person who should be with us, and who are with us, only in spirit.  For my Grandma and Grams, my Grandfathers for my little friends Nevaeh, and Andonayia, for Henry.

You may not be in our arms, but you are in our hearts and always on our minds. Enjoy heaven, but don’t go far my loves.

Blessings for a beautiful Halloween.

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About Jess Fortunato

Jessica Fortunato writes a rare combination of Paranormal/ Supernatural/ Religious Literary Fiction.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her family, a clumsy black cat, and year round Halloween decorations.  Rarely seen in direct sunlight, reports of Jessica’s vampirism remain unsubstantiated.

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