A note to people who use Headliner.fm: I am not you.

I use Headliner. I think it’s a really nifty idea, and with appropriate discretion, can be a fantastic tool. I’ve only been using it a couple of months, but I’ve already found quite  a few worthy blogs and writers whom I promoted and am now following as well. I do not promote anything I have not clicked through and explored thoroughly, because anything I endorse becomes part of my public face.


Please, please take a moment to think through the wee blurb you write when creating a promotion. I have passed up so many promotions for things I truly liked because I am not you.

Think about it. You go through the process of creating a promotion. You enter your name, your link, and a snippet of something.

“I am John Doe, an aspiring novelist and all-out geek. Please visit my blog at [address].”

Why on earth would I post to my Twitter and Facebook accounts a claim that I am someone I clearly am not? I am not John Doe. The blog at the end of that link is not mine. It may be a brilliant blog, but I’m not going to attach my name to it, because I am not you, and the blog is not mine.

You’re not introducing yourself to the people who are promoting you. You are providing the words for those people to introduce you to their followers. You introduce other people with “this is,” not “I am.”

“Check out John Doe’s fantastically geeky blog. He writes, too! [address]”


Get the word out, guys. I want to promote you, not impersonate you.


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