I’m reading again! (Also, books you should look at.)

For pleasure!

I can’t articulate how fantastic that feels. I mean, it hadn’t been that long, in actuality, but a month and a bit feels like forever, for a book nut. (And I suppose that a writer should never admit that she doesn’t have time to read for pleasure, but bear in mind that I’m also a student, and a student has a darn lot of her own reading to do. Plus, the collected works of Maria Montessori weren’t really a drag to read, just not what I would have chosen to pick up if it were up to me.)

But the upshot is, now that I’m reading fun things, I can recommend fun things.

I’m currently working on The Thousand Names by Django Wexler. I understand it’s pretty hot stuff, but having been out of the scene for a while, I don’t really know what’s ‘in’, reading-wise. All I know is that high fantasy and gunpowder mix really well.

I also had an opportunity to beta-read Titan Magic: Body and Soul by Jodi Lamm some time ago. It’s not out yet, and I won’t be leaving any reviews until I’ve had a chance to read the final version, but I guarantee that I will be reading the final version, and loving it. (Body and Soul is the second book in the Titan Magic series. Pick up the first book [also called Titan Magic], first.)

And while shuffling around my local Barnes & Noble, I chanced to pick up The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris LessmoreIt’s a picture book, and I read it in its entirety while I stood there, and it touched me deeply, as I expect it will touch all true Book People. I set it down and walked away, but I kept coming back to it, and I finally bought it because I really didn’t have any choice in the matter. It wanted me to take it home. So I did.


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