The Obligatory New Year’s Post

It does seem to be the done thing, so I suppose I’ll jump aboard. 

2013 was pretty decent. I accomplished many of the things I wanted to – published The Medium, had a table at AggieCon, got most of the way through a master’s degree. It wasn’t everything on my list, but it was a fair chunk. 

I met new and interesting people and read new and interesting books. Both have been enlightening. Doctors C., M., and S., especially. (Hope to see them all soon.) 

I think that with a little effort, this coming year can be just as fascinating. Now, I don’t make resolutions, because just by virtue of being a New Year’s Resolution, they always tend to fall quickly by the wayside, but I do have some goals. 

In 2014, you can expect from me:

  • The SirenI’ve had most of a manuscript sitting around for quite a while, and I mean to polish and publish by July. It’ll be a one-shot, not the start of another series, because I have quite enough series floating around in my head already. 
  • The MoraI’m aware that The Medium ended on a bit of a low note, and so I don’t want to keep anyone waiting too long for the next book. It’ll introduce another of the series’ primary characters and pick up where we dropped Kim off. 
  • Increased Holmesian ramblings over at Always 1895. With the inimitable Mr. Les Klinger’s victory over the more dubious copyright claims of the Conan Doyle Estate, I feel I can start digging into that planned pastiche in earnest, without fear of licensing fees. This one may become a series, or at least a novel followed by a parade of short stories. 


At least, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes. Happy 2014, everybody.


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