Look what I made!

Trowel sheaths! I figured that, while I’m searching for an archaeological society in my location, I may as well be working on a way to carry my trowels in style. I’d had them rolled up in a crummy towel for quite a while, which was starting to become unacceptable. The sheaths aren’t quite finished – they’re rough around the edges and will require the application of a good belt sander and buffer, and I’m planning to stamp (or burn, to avoid having to dismantle them) my initials into each.


2 thoughts on “Look what I made!

  1. They’re beautiful! I know it may seem odd to some people to consider tools beautiful but they are. My husband and I have looked at websites before that offer archaeological opportunities in Utah, I believe it was. It would be nice to do “one of these days.”

    • Thank you, Delma!
      You have to be careful about archaeological “opportunities,” though. Sometimes they’re more like travel services, where YOU pay THEM so you can go sweat in a hole all day. If that’s something you want to do, cool, but if they don’t at least offer free meals, I’d say pass.

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