Black Flower – a (very old) poem

Dug this out of the back of a journal and it made me laugh so much I had to share. I don’t even really remember what it was supposed to be about. I think it was a prophecy or something, supposed to be used in a short story. At least the meter is pretty decent. Anyway, it dates back to high school. 


A flower bloometh blackly
betwixt the earth and sky
and he who dares to look on it
has doomed himself to die.

The flower knows the heart of man
it knows his very breath;
the greater faith he puts in it
the swifter comes his death.

And yet what heart can stop itself
from looking on such grace?
Calmly giving up the soul
to be lost without a trace.

The flower thirsts for purity
corruption, grief and pain
and he who gives what she desires
will never love again.


One thought on “Black Flower – a (very old) poem

  1. Like I said, it speaks to me…I used to write poetry in high school, but I know it’s not hanging around anymore. Quite sad because my teacher said it was quite good. Bring on the poetry!

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