Preparing for AggieCon.

You would think I’d have learned something from doing this last year, but I’m still in a bit of a tizzy. I shouldn’t be; at least I know where the bathroom is this year, know some of the other authors, and have finally figured out that books don’t really stand up on their own very well. I’ve done some other small events since then, which has given me some much-needed practice in actually talking to real human beings about my books. I’ve heard it’s easier to sell something if you can tell people what it is you want them to buy.

You would also think that, not having been waitlisted this year and thus having a lot more advance warning that I’d be doing this thing, I would have been readier sooner. But then, procrastination has always been a symptom of freaking out for me, even when it’s something I’m also looking forward to.

I want it to be here already!

As a reminder, AggieCon is April 4-6 at the Hilton Hotel & Convention Center in College Station, Texas. Pre-registration is only open until the 15th, but at-the-door day badges are only $20. If you happen to be in driving distance, you should come visit me.

Anyway, I have one more book to sell than I did last year, which pleases me. My special autographing pen is inked up and ready to go. And if you’re too far away for a weekend trip to College Station to be feasible, never forget that signed copies are available directly from me via my Shop page. (Plug plug.)


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