I came, I saw, I Con-quered.

Been waiting to make that pun all week!

This year’s AggieCon was pretty fabulous. I sold books, sold pointed sticks, and met some really awesome people. I also met up with old friends from the College Station area, some of whom I only ever see at AggieCon anymore, and so any chance to goof off with them is a treasure.

It was a whirlwind weekend of books and conversation. No panels – pretty much from the get-go, I was too pooped to do much but sit behind my table and smile creepily at passers-by, occasionally shouting nonsense at the authors across the aisle. (I have some vague recollection of promises of a marshmallow war for next year. I get the impression the organizers wouldn’t much appreciate that, but I suppose if we were to eat all the marshmallows before they find out… )

The really bizarre thing is that I only got two photos this year. Fortunately, they were both really fantastic.

I was harassed by a pair of Deadpools. (I won the first round, but they won the second.)

And then some Winchesters dropped by. (I think they found my merchandise amateurish, at best.)

The best part, though, was making new connections. There are some really snazzy people who frequent AggieCon, and they all deserve a look.

The List of People You Should Check Out:

Noree Cosper

Author of The Van Helsing Organization series, first book A Prescription for Delirium.

N. Sullivan

Author of the sci-fi-noir Watchmaker Series, first book Nickel City.

Triscelle Publishing

Heather and Chris Dunbar, authors of the Morrigan’s Brood dark fantasy series, first book Morrigan’s Brood.

Jeff Cranor

Co-writer of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, which I have only just started listening to. (My geek cred took a blow, this weekend.)

J. Grant & Mel Hynes

Cat comics and gun comics. Need I say more?


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