Dear friends, it’s done.

I disappeared for a month, and for that I apologize. I certainly didn’t mean to, but life sort of attacked me, and certain things fell by the wayside.

It’s done now, though. I have achieved a Masters of Education with specialization in reading. Two years of textbooks, and I am very much looking forward to doing a bit of leisure reading this summer. Two years of research, and I am very much looking forward to knuckling down on my own writing.

With luck (and by ‘luck,’ I mean brain-squeezing), this year will see The Mora out. With a bit more, I may be able to get The Siren out, as well. Or early next year. We’ll see. I must seize the free time I’ve got!

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4 Responses to Dear friends, it’s done.

  1. Jay Fude says:

    I know that I, for one, am looking forward to your new books, and congratulations on earning your masters!

  2. Renee says:

    Congrats on the Masters! Pleased to hear that there’s more writing coming up. 😀

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