… hail the new, ye lads and lasses.

I am not fond of New Year’s resolutions, since it seems like most people (myself included) make them only for the sake of laughing ruefully at ourselves for dropping them all sometime in mid-February (if we even make it that long).

I do love lists, though. Reality intervened, and the list I made last year sort of went nowhere at all, but I did not call it a list of resolutions, and so I did not have to laugh ruefully at myself for neglecting it! Aha! I’m brilliant.

This year’s list may very well go the same way, but I shall make it and share it anyway.

In 2015, you can expect from me:

  • The MoraIt’s actually nearly ready, so I can guarantee (as well as I can guarantee anything) that it will appear this year.
  • The Siren. I became dissatisfied with the most-of-a-draft I had sitting around, and the last bit of it is going to be completely reworked. It may or may not appear this year, but I will try. In the mean time, much of it can be read on Wattpad.
  • Some pastiche. Unlikely to appear in print or anything, but I have two projects swimming around in my brain, both of which will be quite different from Lost Knowledge. One is the Holmesian pastiche I have mentioned previously. The other I’m going to sit on until I have a little more plotting done.
  • More frequent posts. I intend to aim for one a week.
  • More engagement. I tend to shout into the vastness of the internet and then vanish again, but I really do want to interact.
  • More frequent newsletters. If I actually do get done all the things I intend to get done this year, there will be considerably more updates for me to share. The goal is once a month, or every other month, at the absolute least. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you can do so here.

Have a pleasant year, dear friends.


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