The year of Sherlock Holmes

To judge by my reading/watching trends over the past three weeks, this year is going to be a year of Sherlock Holmes.

That’s going to be quite a good thing, considering the amount of new material I’ll have a chance to consume. Of course, there are always new Holmes stories being written, mountains of pastiche – some of it quite good and some of it abysmal – heaped up in the back rooms of second-hand book stores, in rummage sales, spine-out on Barnes & Noble’s mystery shelves, and growing ever more mountainous in Amazon’s ebook catalogue.

I’m absolutely all over it, this year, though.

First of all, Elementary on CBS is picking up steam again. (I felt that the last season, while enjoyable, just wasn’t quite as good as the previous had been.) The characters are becoming ever more compelling, though, fleshing themselves out apart from but parallel to the Adventures. More and more, Sherlock and Joan feel like Holmes and Watson: two clever, devoted friends fending off boredom with detection.

Second, Mary Russell’s memoirs (published under Laurie R. King’s name), are due to continue next month with Dreaming Spies, which will take Holmes and Russell to Japan. Miss Russell’s stories are always a treat, especially when they involve far-flung travel.

Third, this jewel will be coming out at some point. I confess that I need to read the book before the movie is released, but you can’t go wrong with Sir Ian McKellen, especially not Sir Ian as Sherlock Holmes.

Fourth, this. There’s not much I can say, except that I would never have expected pastiche to come from a corner like the NBA. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has acquired a new fan.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to obsessing quietly.

Did I miss any Sherlock Holmes news? If so, let me know!


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