Summertime releases!

As the academic year is winding down, my writing year is heating up.The two volumes that have been in the works for so long, creeping along at a snail’s pace, are finally ready and on their way.

versos poetry First, on May 31 (my birthday!), my poetic ethnography will be released.

What is a poetic ethnography, exactly? I realize I haven’t really explained that adequately. An ethnography is a written record of a culture – its values, daily habits, artifacts, rituals, beliefs, preferences, taboos, collective history, and the ways it has changed and is changing.

What is this poetic ethnography about? The Rio Grande Valley, where I moved a few years ago, and which I have been studying since. This place is very different from anywhere else I have ever lived. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s unique on the face of the planet. The culture here is a very specific, utterly unique blend of USA and Mexico. At the same time, it’s not so much a mix as a product, much as two chemical reagents do not combine and produce a blend of the two, but something different. Or perhaps a better analogy would be that of two parents producing a unique individual, rather than a halfway point between themselves.

Why is it poetic? Well, what better way to address one tiny element of something than with a tiny, elemental verse?

You can click on the cover on the left to be taken to the Amazon preorder page.

The Siren

the siren scifi book coverSecondly, The Siren will be coming on June 30. It’s been sitting in my “Works in Progress” page for far too long, which is a little misleading, because for a very long time, it wasn’t really progressing at all.

Well, it’s done, now, and it’s coming.

What’s it about?

“There was a dead body on Sandie’s back porch, and it was trying to get in.”

But this is no zombie; something stranger is hiding inside the rotting shell. What do you do when you meet an injured alien spirit that feeds on emotion and can play human feelings like a violin? Name it John Doe, give it a guitar, and move heaven and earth to help it get home, if Sandie has her way. She doesn’t realize that babysitting an alien could result in such a weird collision of music, emotion, and faith.
And Sandie must tread with care, because this thing has the power to manipulate minds, and even the creature itself doesn’t know what will happen when it finally heals.

Click on the image to go to the Amazon preorder page. (And please do preorder; I haven’t used that feature before, and I’m curious to see whether there are any particular differences.)

Up Next

The writing list groweth ever longer, but for the moment, I’m focusing on The Eye of the Crow and the next Liminality book, which will be called The Mage. I’m shooting for mid-2016 with the first, and late 2016 with the second.

Later, gators. I must get started!


2 thoughts on “Summertime releases!

  1. Good to see you about to publish. ‘The Siren’ sounds like it has the ‘mystery’ that I enjoy in your writing. I’ll check it out 🙂

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