WriMo is Coming.

[Insert Dramatic Sean Bean Here.]

I’m doing it, friends. The plan is to have two complete drafts of two different books by the end of 2015.

I am working now on something very close to me, something that has been in the works for approximately four fifths of my life, now, if not a little longer. Agonizing to write, because it must be perfect. Not just solid, not just plot-hole-free, not just well edited and well structured, but perfect. (If I vanish abruptly and am never heard from again, you may assume that it sucked me in and didn’t let go and I have been subsumed into my own fiction. Rather a romantic concept, if only I could escape the fact that, in practical terms, this would probably involve a padded cell.)

November, however, will be set aside for The Mage. We’re getting there. I’m expecting this to be the halfway point of the Liminality series. In Book One, Lenny the Medium started things in motion. In Book Two, Jadwiga the Mora returned to the world of the living. Book Three, as the title may suggest, sees Kim the Mage come into her own at long last.

But, dear reader, the Shadows are closing in.

I’m expecting to have The Mage ready in late April or early May of 2016. It may interest you to know that my working title for Book Four is The Martyr.

I believe “Bwahaha” is the appropriate phrase.


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