Tuesday Teaser #1

This year, I am embracing regularity, as I’ve never been particularly good about blogging on any kind of schedule. So my new goal is a post at least every week, and the Tuesday Teaser was born from that desire.

Every Tuesday, I’m going to post a teaser for one of my current works in progress. I invite all of my writer buddies to join in!

The rules:
Post a link, image, quote, or excerpt related to or taken from your current WIP.
State the name of the WIP.
Do NOT explain yourself! Resist the urge to wax poetic. This is a hint, not an outline.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I am forced to admit that the howling heart of a winter storm might not have been the most well-considered moment to run away from home.”

The Eye of the Crow

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14 Responses to Tuesday Teaser #1

  1. “You step through the oaken gates, never to return. There is a time when all acolytes must make their way into the world: this time is yours.

    You carry no provisions, no possessions. All you have are the robes upon your back and the nine cards in your hand: 3 steeds, 4 spiders, 2 serpents.”

    Draw Nine

  2. You have surprised me again with another WIP!

    • MR Graham says:

      Surely not! I thought you had seen what I have of this one on Wattpad.

      • I am still not navigating Wattpad comfortably! I found A Monstrous Romance because you tweeted the link. I didn’t know my friend Cait had added more chapters to her Dead Boy and the Papercut serial, either, until she tweeted about it. I just now went over and managed to find the people I follow and saw the other stories. Of course you know I have already read and loved The Siren, and hope the ending means more of the story someday. I see now that I have more to read!

        • MR Graham says:

          Aaaaaah, I see! I think Wattpad does have some issues with notifications. I have it set up so I get emails when people update, but it was a while ago, and I honestly don’t remember how I did that. I’m really enjoying Wattpad, but I’m still not very active there.

  3. eclipsesmuse says:

    This is a great idea. I was thinking about dusting off my poor abandoned blog. This would be a great way to make sure I post every week. Mind if I steal this for my blog?

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