Paranormal Box Set out today!

 photo 12465921_1066177933427593_2267951300909758602_o_zps5qrllqut.jpgExciting news, my friends! Paranormal After Dark, a brilliant collection of 20 full-length paranormal novels by Amazon and USA Today bestselling authors, has released today! And the best part (Or at least, a very nice part) is that I’m part of it!

I highly recommend grabbing a copy, as 20 novels for 2.99 is an absolute steal. If you’re looking for a new favorite paranormal author, you can’t go wrong with a sampler, including:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Noree Cosper – A Dose of Brimstone

USA Today Bestselling Author, Kim Faulks – End of Dreams

Author Heather Hambel Curley – Haunt

Amazon Bestselling Author, Ann Simko – Dark Crossings

Amazon bestseling author, Calinda B. Headspace: Seattle. 2052

USA Today Bestselling Author, Susan Stec – The Other F Word

Amazon bestselling Author, Rachel McClellan – Unleashed

Amazon Bestselling Author, Stacy Claflin – Hidden Intentions

USA Today Bestselling Author, Aimee Easterling – The Complete Bloodling Serial

Amazon Bestselling Author, Kyoko M – She Who Fights Monsters

USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah M. Cradit – St. Charles at Dusk

Amazon Bestselling Author, Madison Sevier – Wicked by Nature

Amazon Bestselling Author, Marissa Farrar – Underlife

Author Eden Ashe – Dragon’s Redemption

Author Grae Lily – Milan’s Return

USA Today Bestselling Author, Conner Kressley- The Breakers Code

Author MR Graham – The Medium

Amazon Bestselling Author, Heather Marie Adkins – Wiccan Wars

USA Today Bestselling Author, Katie Salidas – Carpe Noctem

Amazon Bestselling Author Nicole Zoltack – A Question of Faith


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