Tuesday Teaser #27

Every Tuesday, I post a teaser for one of my current works in progress. I invite all of my writer buddies to join in!

The rules:
Post a link, image, quote, or excerpt related to or taken from your current WIP.
State the name of the WIP.
Do NOT explain yourself! Resist the urge to wax poetic. This is a hint, not an outline.

The Mage

She smiled grimly. “Exactly. You are probably old enough to have noticed. There are more ghosts now than there were a hundred years ago, which was about the time it started. More unable to cross. When Charon vanished, parts of the Veil began to deteriorate, and now there are places that are almost impassable without the help of a medium.”

“I noticed. I thought it was just the population boom. There are more people now than there were then. More people, more dying, more ghosts.”

“I’m sure that’s part of it, but the fact is that something is badly wrong, too. There should not be so many more ghosts.”


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