Tuesday Teaser #29

Every Tuesday, I post a teaser for one of my current works in progress. I invite all of my writer buddies to join in!

The rules:
Post a link, image, quote, or excerpt related to or taken from your current WIP.
State the name of the WIP.
Do NOT explain yourself! Resist the urge to wax poetic. This is a hint, not an outline.

No Cage for a Crow

In the box, half-buried in a bed of clotted, discoloured salt, lay the severed head of a bird, a grisly, eyeless thing as long as my forearm. An albatross.


One thought on “Tuesday Teaser #29

  1. Hidden Magic…

    Saffron sat and watched as Fig thought about her question. Every once in a while she would catch a brief glimpse of an eye, the tip of a nose, or an earlobe as they popped up on the television snow blob that was the entity’s face, and then sputtered out.

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