Let me reintroduce myself.

I started this blog as a neophyte flailing wildly around on the internet, without any particular objective or direction. I rambled about daily life, about books, about food, existential mumbling, assorted roadtrips, miscellaneous lists…

A lot has changed in the four years since I started this journey. I’m still a mumbler – no hope of ever getting over that! – but at least I mumble with a purpose, now.

So, salutations. I am M.R. Graham, author and academe, lover of literature and learning.

I believe…
…that knowledge is one of the highest and most worthy pursuits of humankind.
…that books are sacred.
…that beautiful words, poetry, and stories – particularly the fantastical – subtly build the framework of understanding that gives meaning to fact and theory.

Here you can expect from me…
…hints and excerpts of my fiction.
…scholarly musings centered on literature, history, culture, folklore, and education.
…the more interesting tidbits I uncover in my research.


I am pleased to make your acquaintance. If you’d like to know anything more, please ask and reintroduce yourself to me in the comments.

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2 Responses to Let me reintroduce myself.

  1. Randi Anderson says:

    Same, right down to the four years of flailing! 🙂

    Am I on your mailing list? Guess I’ll have to re-subscribe and find out…

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