Running out of time!

There are only two days left to get the Prophecy of Magic anthology at $0.99, with A Monstrous Romance and the other 20+ fantastic volumes of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Meet Aurelia and Henryk, Magnus and Miel, in a chilling tale of monsters, madness, and the thin lines between life and… Continue reading

Tuesday Teaser

I desperately wanted to have photos, but my order hasn’t arrived! I’ve ordered paperback proofs of A Monstrous Romance. Convention friends who asked me about it this year will definitely be able to grab a copy when I start on the 2020 con circuit. But of course, grab it digitally FIRST in… Continue reading

Monday Musings – Concerning Vampires (A Brief History)

I recently put together a series of Facebook posts on the research that’s gone into The Van Helsing Legacy and Liminality. When I stepped back and looked at them, I wound up kind of proud of the result, so I collected and edited them into a sort of vampire primer for my email newsletter…. Continue reading

Tuesday Teaser

Strange Aeons: A Monstrous Romance A warm breeze tickled the back of her neck. Not a breeze. A breath. Noxious, sulfuric, rotted, and bloody. She whirled. And froze. It loomed ten feet tall, too many legs, too many mouths gaping amid a storm of thrashing, knife-like tendrils. The flailing edges… Continue reading