The Mage (#3)

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The Mage
Liminality #3

The Wailing

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The Rules are breaking. Shadows are falling. War has come.

In the midst of war, Kim thought she had found a bit of peace, a silver lining. Lenny, the friend she lost years ago, is safe, and the monster who kidnapped him is dead.

But Lenny is not the man he was. There is something dark in him, growing stronger by the day. It has caught the attention of the Shadows that live between worlds. Allies are few and far between. Jadwiga, the mora, remains secretive and aloof, and Kim’s old friend Daniel has a bloodier past than she had ever dreamed.

And worse is coming than war. As Shadows close in, the Veil between worlds grows tangled and thick. Death has gone missing, and there are no more Rules in this game.

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