The Martyr (#4)

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The Martyr
Liminality #4

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The Wailing

Shadow. Magic. Death.

Daniel has spent a century and a half avoiding the Other—wizards, fae, vampires like himself—but this is not a conflict he can ignore. There are innocents at risk. Friends. The fabric of the world.

He believes the wizard Kimberly Reed is ready to take command, even if she can’t see it. But leadership has fallen to her anyway, and to her horror, the other creatures are ready to follow. She just needs an advisor, someone who knows what war is. Someone who can stand between her and all the traitorous dream-eaters, broken media, cunning Fairy queens, and ruthless undead who somehow ended up on their side.

Their allies are deadly, but something beyond the borders of the world is backing the enemy, lending a strange and tainted power to their genocidal crusade.

The forces between worlds are converging. Shadow, Magic, Death.

And when one of them extends a terrible offer, Daniel knows there is too much at stake to refuse.

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