The Mora (#2)

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The Mora
Liminality #2

The Wailing

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Jadwiga Dąbrowska is a mora, a creature whose spirit feeds on the dreams of others. Strange though her life has always been, Jadwiga could never have expected to wake from her own murder in a bizarre mirror world, chained body and soul to a terrifyingly powerful being that calls itself Twarz Cienia, the Shadow’s Face. Now, with no choice but to obey the Twarz, she must contend with forces outside her understanding, fighting in a war that will never end.

And still she can’t be sure that her freedom was a fair price for her life.

Kim Reed has spent six years searching for a lost friend, but her search is interrupted by the threat of war. The Votadini, an ancient Circle of Scottish wizards, are making yet another bid for dominance, and this time, they may be backed by black magic. With her own magic weak and atrophied, Kim isn’t sure how useful she would be in a fight, and her years of research on the undead have made her an object of suspicion wherever she goes. She is not ready for wizard politics, for war, or for dealing with spies that can manipulate her dreams.

All she wants is her friend back, but there are Shadows standing in her way.

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