The Hunted (#0.5)

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The Hunted
Liminality #0.5

In the Shadow of the Mountains

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Geeks, grisly murder… and a vampire?

Chris Doyle always said he’d be lucky to get out of high school alive, but he didn’t mean it quite so literally. Failing History because you were reading comics under the desk is one thing; savagely mutilated classmates are a whole nother ball of wax. But the police can take care of it, right?

Aaron Margolis isn’t as sure. He only wanted to get to his violin lesson in peace, but it’s hard to focus when you’ve just seen a man disappear into thin air. A man who leaves no tracks in the snow. A man who doesn’t appear in photographs.

It must have something to do with Daniel Leland, the sharp and reclusive stranger in town. He says he is a hunted man, but how much does he know about the things that stalk the night?

Something supernatural is going on, and as the murders multiply, the geeks must take matters into their own hands before the undead can destroy their hometown. But this adventure is nothing like the comic books.

Previously published as “In the Shadow of the Mountains.”

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