Short Stories

The Truth of the Matter

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Sebring Campbell is a reasonable man, an agent of Justice, a creature of logic, a product of nineteenth-century rational thought. But there is a monster on the loose, a criminal turned demon who is stripping Sebring’s life away, one love at a time…

“The prose is excellent, and suits the character and setting very well.” L. Grundy

“As his tragic and fantastic story unfolds, you find yourself gripped in the throes of drama right along with him, holding your breath at points until the final strokes of his pen are laid down.” Peter Dawes

Proof: A Short Tale of the Undead

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The day Connor cornered me in the library, I thought he was cracked. The day he covered my walls with crosses and filled my apartment with garlic, I thought he was psychotic. The day he killed someone on the floor in my living room, I had no choice but to believe. This is my last confession, the story of the years we spent hunting Them and the mistakes we made. This is my memorial to the people we lost. This is my realization of the importance of Proof.

They have been lurking in the shadows for untold years, waiting for the chance to burst free. Only the ragged few, held together by the charismatic Connor, have seen the signs and dare to stand up against Them, the undead. In this battle, no one leaves unscathed.

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